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SafeSpace is a unique app for Android and iOS mobile devices, providing immediate access to a sensory room experience wherever and whenever it is required.

The software has been designed to benefit children and young people with autism, learning and developmental issues or other neurological and emotional conditions; providing a solution whereby traditional methods of stimulation and support have been augmented and transformed like never before.



We have created SafeSpace in order to:

  • Reduce the impact of Autism by addressing the sensory issues of children and young people; making huge improvements to a child’s quality of life and overall well-being.

  • Provide children and young people with Autism improved access to education, enhancing independent functioning skills and coping mechanisms.

  • Increase children and young people’s ability to self-regulate and manage their behaviour; significantly strengthening participation within education, family life, local community and society.

  • Improve children and young people’s mental health through reducing levels of anxiety and distress associated with sensory issues.


Users can immerse themselves in the following areas:

Main Hub

The central location for the user, each of the different sensory and emotion spaces are available from this unique area.

Observation Deck

The observation deck aims to replicate the effects of a projector and contains a fully animated exterior landscape with moving shadows.

Power Generator

Animated LED strips are located throughout this area in every direction, immersing users in a field of lights, sound and motion.

Boiler Room

This area combines mechanical motion with colour and steam effects to provide multiple elements of stimuli to the user from a single location.

Bubble Fountain

A fully animated bubble fountain provides a deep sensory experience for the user; here, the calming effects of bubble-tube therapy are provided on a grand scale.

Emotion Portals

The emotion portals allow users to navigate to specific spaces easily, and in a way that encourages exploration. With four distinct environments to choose from, users are able to choose a space that meets their immediate needs, with calm, angry, happy and sad locations available.


Emotional Support

Four unique locations have been created to immerse users into environments that reflect and meet their immediate emotional needs; with easy access via a portal to and from the main sensory space location.

Living Forest

A place for users to connect with nature in a space filled with movement, light and atmosphere.

Fire Cave

A dynamic and energy-filled space providing stimulation and action.

Zen Garden  

A calm and contemplative space for users to reflect and relax.

Ice Plateau

A sombre and melancholy space with slow movement providing a space for users to reminisce or deliberate.

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We want everyone to be able to access SafeSpace. That is why we have included both 360 degree and VR functionality; using a mobile VR headset will provide the user with a much more immersive experience, however the software can also be used in combination with device accelerometers and gyroscopes in a 360 degree mode.

SafeSpace is available for a wide range of Android and iOS mobile smartphone and tablet devices.


360-degree Mode

Launching SafeSpace in 360 degree mode will allow users to look around and experience each area directly through a smartphone or tablet device.

Designed for times when a mobile VR headset is unavailable, or when a bigger tablet screen is a preferred option. 


Virtual Reality Mode

Launching SafeSpace in VR mode will allow users to fully immerse themselves within each location through the use of a cardboard or plastic Virtual Reality headset.

Designed for use with smartphones, users have access to a high quality sensory experience; available at any time and in any situation. 


SafeSpace comes in two flavours - Easy Access and Premium. Regardless of which option you choose, 360 degree and VR modes are included as standard.

SafeSpace Easy Access

Easy Access provides a way to trial SafeSpace for as long as necessary and access the Central Location and Bubble Fountain Views at no cost.

Central Hub View
Observation Deck View
Power Generator View
Bubble Fountain View
Boiler Area View
Living Forest Portal View
Fire Cave Portal View
Zen Garden Portal View
Ice Plateau Portal View
360 Mode
VR Mode
Price FREE

Download Easy Access version:

SafeSpace Premium

SafeSpace Premium requires a one-time payment to unlock access to all views and sensory experiences.         

Central Hub View
Observation Deck View
Power Generator View
Bubble Fountain View
Boiler Area View
Living Forest Portal View
Fire Cave Portal View
Zen Garden Portal View
Ice Plateau Portal View
360 Mode
VR Mode
Price £3.99

Download Premium version:


SafeSpace has been designed and developed by the award-winning team at Spearhead Interactive.

We are all personally committed to creating innovative solutions and experiences that have a purposeful and positive impact.

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